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Bermuda Trio

Bermuda Trio

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Only a few bands, besides this one, have such an innovative approach to the acoustic-playing way as Bermuda Acoustic Trio, a band composed by three excellent musicians, that had already been publicly known by having played next to many Italian and international famous artists.

The three musicians, Giorgio Buttazzo (guitar and voice); Gabriele Monti (guitar and voice) and Kamsin Giordano Urzino (bass and voice), first met in a lucky chance encounter, and since that moment they have been sharing their personal talent to put together an ensemble where the result coming from their cooperation is much bigger and higher than the simple sum of their single capacities.

The birth of the band took place almost fortuitously: during the “sound-check” of a Pierangelo Bertoli’s acoustic concert, an Italian songwriter and singer they were leading on stage at that time, the audience felt touched and taken-in by the music they were hearing coming from their guitars.

Something new and peculiar was going to start. The musicians, by their side, felt this too, and the “sound check” became, itself, a little concert.

So, Bermuda Acoustic Trio was finally born!

The “formula”, in its instinctive approach, was just the right one, but all the show setting, such as the choice of the songs to play, was missing, So what they did was proposing each other their personal back-ground experiences and the songs they had previously played on stage.

Tanks to their capacity and talent in arranging songs, every track was enriched and attached with new and different musical phrases in perfect nice-hearing harmony, to enable the band to keep concerts lasting more than two hours.

So, songs that were originally three minutes long, easily became kind of a whole composition of musical fragments, just like a kaleidoscope where changes are unexpected and amazingly surprising.

Nowadays, with more than two hundred concerts a year, Bermuda Acoustic Trio has widely reached, with its peculiar music, a boundless audience of any kind and, most importantly, of any age: in fact the age of the fans doesn’t matter at all, Bermuda’s music is worldwide, and it meets with general approval so much that everybody, excepting no one, gets involved by the rhythm of their exhibitions.

With their apparently abridged formation, the Band has the ability to spread so much energy and excitement that even artists like Jeff Healy (whose Italian concert has been opened by them just some years ago) asserted “It’s the most amusing acoustical band I’ve ever heard”.

Their playing repertory features the best classic hits of ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, in an interminable show that proposes, in a fluent harmony, several music styles, such as pop, rock, jazz and blues: from famous Pink Floyd’s song “Wish You Were Here” to Dire Strait’s track “Sultans Of Swing”, passing through classical “Marcia Alla Turca”, by Mozart, embedded in Duelin’ Banjo and Guglielmo Tell …to name but a few, and all this, of course, doesn’t exclude the presence of the most famous and best-known songs of Italian and American songwriters. They’re dynamical style allows them to play almost in every kind of situation, in every place. There is no place where they wouldn’t be able to play. So far, they’ve been playing in theatres; on big festival stages; they had concerts even in churches, creating a magical emphasis for them and for the audience; they play in restaurant, pubs, private parties, they also appear on TV programs. This is what happens when people gets in touch with such a bizarre and borderline Trio, which never wants to distinguish between “high-class” or “Low-quality” music, which can change from classical, to pop, through folk, reaching Rock & Roll, going on with jazz ...…


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