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"...the monstrous Frank one of the most vicious tremolo-pickers on the scene."
Guitar Player Magazine

" of the brightest of the young guitar stars."
New York Times

"Vignola lives in a music world without boundaries. He and his group dial into from all over the planet and wrestle, cajole, and seduce it into a harmonious and sometimes quirky melting pot."
Modern Guitars Magazine

Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo (guitar).

Do you want to organize an event with Frank Vignola? Contact us soon!

AVAILABITY:  June 2019



“That’s All Right … ELVIS!”




R E A L   D U O



One voice, one mandolin and one guitar, and we’ll tell with a smile: "That's All Right… Elvis!".

Our idea is to pay homage to the man who wanted to be “King”, into a soft, acoustic and resized capacity to be presented in unlikely places to Elvis, in a new and more intimate dimension. After an historical and meticulous research on the life (career and private life) of Elvis, the interpreter Ivan De Carlo traced a significant and philological path on the deceased singer of Memphis. The research done by Ivan De Carlo traces the artistic steps that have marked and influenced the American culture and music in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The meeting between the Real Duo (long-lived and affirmed duo with Luciano Damiani/mandolin and Michele Libraro/guitar) and Ivan De Carlo (singer) created this new and original project. The Real Duo, with years of concerts and tours around the world, and also thanks to recognition received from composers such as Roland Dyens, Maximo Diego Pujol, Daniel, Binelli, Fernando Carlos Tavolaro, Jorge Cardoso, Peppino D'agostino who dedicated their own compositions to these two artists, faces this new artistic adventure fusing Ivan De Carlo’s research and interpretation with the warm and enveloping sound of the guitar and the timeless and sensual sound of the mandolin.

An involving travel into the golden age of Elvis Presley’s music, revolutionary protagonist of the creolization between “white Country and Western music & black Rhythm and Blues music”: our tribute to the artist who sold over one billion records worldwide and inaugurated the era of satellite with the concert “Aloha From Hawaii”, broadcasted worldwide!

The myth of Elvis Presley is still alive!



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